Monday, August 18, 2008

Number 363

Airboy and the battle of the magicians

A really fine Airboy story, from Airboy Vol. 5 #5, June 1948, drawn by Fred Kida.

This is yet another from the Pappy tearsheet box. For those new to Pappy's, about 30 years ago I was given a box with hundreds of pages cut from comic books of the 1940s.

The owner was a man who wanted to pursue a career in comics. As far as I can tell he never worked in comics, but he knew and liked various artists, bought the comics, and cut out their work. I took the hundreds of pages and assembled them into stories.

In the meantime, though, you can check out the only other complete Kida Airboy story I have to offer here.


Chuck Wells said...

Outstanding Kida story here, Pappy, but I wouldn't mind seeing you cobble together a few of those Kida/Airboy tales to post, even with the missing pages.

Good is "good" , after all!

john_m_burt said...

An interesting and unusual Airboy story, in which Airboy's status as a celebrity is more important than his being an aviator.

Anyone who is interested in more Airboy material could do worse than to check out my own group,

Unknown said...

Airboy rules! I'm still looking for a fairly clean copy - original or reprint - of the classic tale where Airboy battles the rats!

Vince M said...

Fred Kida showed a flair for economy and clear storytelling that's very similar to what Alex Toth aimed for. Did Alex appreciate this comic art genius?

This man was amazing!

Pappy said...

Chuck, I agree in principle that good is "good", but readers would holler if I left off the last couple of pages of a story. The middle pages, eh, not as big a deal, but I'd still hear about it.

Maybe someday I'll just show examples from those incomplete stories; I dunno. We fly by the seats of our pants here at Pappy's!

Vince, yeah, what you said! I could never have said it better.