Sunday, August 03, 2008

Number 353

Typhoon Tyler

You don't see this type of adventure story often from Ogden Whitney. It's from a short-lived ACG title, Operation Peril. This episode is from #11, July 1952. Normally I'm not into stories about seafarers, but I like Whitney, and I love the names Typhoon and Hammerhead.

I also like that the Hollywood-styled South Sea Island gal fights off a rape-minded sailor, calling him, "You grinning vermin!" That'd soften my belaying pin, matey. Arrrrrrr.


Mr. Karswell said...

Great post Pappy, you know I adore Ogden so this was a real treat. Love the eel fight, wow.

And I keep forgeting to work the phrase "Blazes!" back into my daily repertoire, aside from being a kick ass thing to say it's so appropriate during these miserable summer months.

Mr. Cavin said...

Can't blame Ogden for the sort of overblown story. I agree with Karswell, that eel fight was a stunner (just slightly more stunning than every other panel). That last little bit of tough guy dialog between silhouettes, though, while the tubby bellicose sidekick played lonely jungle wingman, that was just barkingly funny: "Make me breakfast native woman, then say goodbye!"