Sunday, August 10, 2008

Number 357

"Women and jungles don't mix!"

Greg Knight is the boyfriend of Lorna, the jungle babe. Egotistic Greg won't admit it, but he's got a smart, tough squeeze who's good at pulling his butt out of deadly situations. He says, "Dames! Always worrying about something! You ought to leave the jungle to us men!" Then he steps into trouble, from which Lorna has to save his sorry male-chauvinist ass. Beyond her physical strength, grace-under-pressure, problem-solving, tough-as-any-man qualities, Lorna is still in touch with her fem side. She can keep her long beautiful blonde hair perfect, even though I don't see anyplace on her abbreviated costume for a hairbrush.

The story, from Lorna the Jungle Girl #7, May 1954, is written by Don Rico and drawn by Werner Roth.


Mr. Karswell said...

Christ this is hot sutff... very very fun and even in this day and age it almost reads visually like porn. Werner Roth knows what guys like. I can't imagine what young boys (and their parents) thought of this back in '54.

DAD: "But pum'kin, junior no longer seems interested in Superman. He likes those jungle adventures now."

MOM: "And apparently you do too dear... what's this extra Lorna issue I found in your underwear drawer?"

Vince M said...

I had no idea that Werner Roth's artwork could be this dynamic, especially judging from the X-Men art he produced during the '60s. This art has a lot of snap to it, filled with lots of juicy inking and flowing compositions.

I really appreciate the fact that Stan Lee was always generous to his collaborators, so many of his cohorts from the Atlas days show up during the Marvel Age. Stan always claims to have a very poor memory , but it looks like he rarely forgot his friends.

Excelsior, indeed!

bzak said...



Brian James Riedel

Unknown said...

I've always liked Lorna best of the few Atlas jungle gals, and she's been in the top tier of my all-time jungle girl favorites as well. She's sexy, but not as blatant as Sheena / Rulah, and Don Rico wrote her with a little more flair than the other gals. Still like Nyoka best, though.

Unknown said...

The bit where Greg is bit by the cobra after his little rant about the superiority of men is just too hilarious.

Chuck Wells said...

Ah, Lorna! She makes a great jungle hottie doesn't she. Roth was in his "a-game" on this title.