Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Number 2596: The life (and death) of Riley

Does anyone still use the phrase “the life of Riley”? It indicates someone enjoying a great life. The story here is called “The Life of Riley,” to indicate a criminal named Riley who has his own life of Riley after a successful robbery.

It is a horror comic, so a good life can turn bad before the end of the story. At least for Riley.

The artwork is signed by Myron Fass, who drew comic books for a few years. Fass began living the life of Riley when he started his own magazine publishing business after his career in comics. Fass’s magazines were lowbrow, but successful. I don’t believe any comics fan who collects 1970s materials was not aware of Fass’s Eerie Publications, which covered the sleasy magazine market well during those times. Fass died in 2006.

From Beware #7 (1954):

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