Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Number 2592: The thrilling Bill Everett draws the thrilling action for the thrilling Amazing Man

In the early days of comic fandom (early 1960s) a man* had a letter published in a fanzine with an article telling why Amazing Man was so amazing. Amazing Man (or John Aman, taking a test by some Tibetans who had raised him) could fight a cobra with his hands tied behind his back, and he could survive knives being thrown into his body. The writer of the letter called those events "thrilling." 

It took me a couple of decades before I was able to see the origin story of Amazing Man, and I guess those panels are thrilling. (I was impressionable in those days.)

Bill Everett, who created, wrote and drew this origin story, moved on after a while. Centaur, the publisher of Amazing Man, went out of business, and Everett went on to other comic book character, including Sub-Mariner. 

Everett died young, but in his time he was a “thrilling” good artist, just as that long ago comics fan claimed.

*The letter writer's name I don't remember. It was a long, very long time ago.

From Amazing Man Comics #5 (actual issue #1, 1939):

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