Monday, January 24, 2022

Number 2595: The great lover, Jon Juan

Jon Juan, is, as today’s title declares, a great lover. In the story we are told he is a man who gets what he wants.

Jerry Siegel and Alex Schomburg are the writer and artist who did this story of a gallant gentleman/sex addict. Jon is not only the world’s greatest lover, he can fight, too. Swordplay! Even a scene of knife fighting! To Jon Juan a kiss is worth risking a fight with armed interlopers. He is immortal. On the make and doesn't die. A longtime dream of many men...although 'tis just a fantasy. 

The story was originally published in Toby Comics’ one-shot, Jon Juan (1950). I got it from a 1958 IW reprint, Dream of Love #8. I showed the story previously in 2011.

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