Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Number 2481: Merry Christmas from Pappy and Pogo

Christmas Day is a couple of days from now, but everyone has been wishing everyone else good will and happiness, and so will I. Merry Christmas, everybody. 

The Pogo story I have chosen for today is really different for the Dell series of Pogo comic books that came out in the early '50s. For the most part the comic books follow the lead of the daily and Sunday newspaper strip (without the politics), but they do not include human beings, just swamp critters. This story, a take-off on the Traveling Musicians fairy tale, includes human characters.  

Seeing people in a Pogo story strikes me as breaking through the fourth wall. Although jarring to see them, I guess if I can accept Santa Claus, then why not people in a Pogo story?

By Walt Kelly, from Pogo Possum #9 (1952):


Daniel [] said...

As H. sapiens in this case only appears within the folktale told within the story in which Pogo himself appears, we might treat those creatures as merely fabulous … were it not for their appearances in other stories.

I hope that the Solstice was a very fine day for you, and that Christmas will be still better.

Brian Barnes said...

Two great things, out of a strip of all great things:

1) The dog is so absolutely cute it's amazing
2) I love the Mayor about ready to *mow* over a duck!

Merry Christmas, Pappy!