Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Number 2253: The Marvel Family and the School for Witches

Halloween today. Time for me to sneak up behind kids and steal their Halloween candy.* Or maybe not. I am too slow moving, and they can see me coming.

If I only had a magic spell to make myself invisible. I could learn it from the School for Witches, but the witch is Ichabod Vort, who comes from a long line of witches, yet is unsuccessful with spells from his book of black magic. They just don’t work for him. Ichabod has a school to train witches, and could be an example of the old adage, “those who can, do; those who can't, teach.” However, I don’t believe that adage. I think Ichabod is just a crappy witch. Maybe he needs a teacher because he can’t read very well.

The story is written by William Woolfolk and drawn by Pete Costanza, according to the Grand Comics Database. It comes from The Marvel Family #52 (1950).

*This is a joke, sensitive ones.


Brian Barnes said...

Some fun monsters and art, but a story that relies a lot on everybody involved always doing the idiotic thing!

I have to say, I swear this is the first Captain Marvel story I've seen where Marvel blows his top. He is *really* mad at that broom! Heck he offers our witch money just so he can smash it into pieces!

Happy Halloween Pappy!

Wm Byron said...

The Witchmaster guy looks very much like that actor that voiced Winnie the Pooh some years later, and was also an off-putting tv repair man on The Twilight Zone. Sterling Holloway? Anyway I know it isn't intentional since this predates that but I still noticed it.

Darci said...

It appears he gained 4 students with his newspaper ad. The girl who bewitched the cattle seemed to be discouraged and didn't attend the graduation, so 3 of the 6 graduates at the ceremony were Billy, Mary, and Freddy (undercover). Maybe this lack of attention to details was Ichabod's downfall?

Fawcett City was shown in the DC Atlas approximately where Michigan City, IN is. Michigan City has a population of about 30000 and 1 newspaper. It also gets the newspaper from neighboring LaPorte (which has about 20000 residents). I wonder how many Wiccans there are in that county? I bet more than 4.

Pappy said...

William Byron: Sterling Holloway...I can hear his voice in my head even as I type this.

He was born in 1905 (died 1992); his movie and TV career goes as far back as the silent era. He was a character actor, well known for his distinctive style, and could have been the model for the Ichabod character.

Pappy said...

Darci, you are giving out geography lessons. Bless you. I did not know that about Michigan City, IN, but now I can thrill people at upcoming holiday events by quoting its population and its proximity to LaPorte! Thanks for helping me become more than a shriveled up, mute oldster, dribbling gravy into my beard at the table on Thanksgiving!

I kid, of course. Thanks, and I mean it.

Pappy said...

Brian, so Captain Marvel has a temper. I'd hate to piss the guy off, and would not take a chance. If he can smash a broom then he could smash any of us into the ground like tent pegs.