Sunday, April 13, 2014

Number 1558: “What in ding-dong goes on here?” Wonder Woman’s costume ruse

I love the crazy, kinky and cool Wonder Woman tales by the original crazy-kinky-cool crew who created her. They would be William Moulton Marston, writing as Charles Moulton, and Harry G. Peter, signing his artwork as H. G. Peter.

Here is a story of switched identities, an exotic spy, and tying up girls. It would hardly be a Wonder Woman story worth reading if it didn’t include the latter.

From Sensation Comics #40 (1945).


Here are two more Wonder Woman stories, including the last issue H. G. Peter drew, and a Wonder Woman story unpublished until it appeared in The Amazing World of DC Comics #2 in 1974. Just click on the thumbnails.

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M. Bouffant said...

I guess if my first name were Harry I'd sign my work H.G. Peters too.

(Sorry, just had to, even if you could resist the urge.)