Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Number 1556: Sucked down into a grave!

Here’s an example of why you shouldn’t speak ill of anyone...even the dead. Especially the dead.

“Cadaver’s Revenge” is from Strange Fantasy #5 (1953). Art by the Iger Shop.


Brian Barnes said...

That's a fun little ditty. It has a pretty amazing amount of suspense at the end, though, honestly, the justice of this story seems a bit suspect. Yeah, he disrespected the corpse but it's not like he killed him or did anything to hasten his death.

The splash is great, nearly unrelated (as so many are), with the over-sized hand (the occupant would have had to be 12 feet tall) and the laser eyed skull.

Now I finally know what a popping skull sounds like: CR-RUNCH.

Pappy said...

Brian, my feeling is that this story was inspired by the campfire story of the girl who bets she can stand on a grave and put a knife into the earth. The tale is told her that if she does a hand will come from the grave and grab her. She is there to prove the story is bunk, but dies of fright when she is immobilized. The people who find her realize the knife blade is stuck through the bottom of her dress, holding her in place.

Obviously it isn't the same story I just described, but it appears to have its origin somewhere in folklore and urban legends.