Monday, April 21, 2014

Number 1563: Barry Kuda

Jeez, “Barry Kuda.” How obvious can it get with a character name? Names like that used to be popular at one time. I give Barry Kuda low marks for a name. Relatively high marks for artwork, though, which according to comic art spotter Jim Vadeboncoeur could be Al Plastino.

Like this story, some of the other art in Harvey’s All-New Short Story Comics #2 (1943), is Lou Fine-inspired. It is inspiration that affected several artists early in their career. Even Joe Kubert uses the style in a story he has in the issue, drawn when he was 16-years-old. I will probably show that some day. Even though some artists were smitten by Fine’s style, not all matched Fine’s skill. Still, this particular story is well drawn.


Kirk said...

Whenever I see these underwater comics sagas, it never seems like people's hair are getting too terribly wet

Pappy said...

Kirk, like standing in the shower all day in clothes, without looking wet.