Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Number 1552: The man who milked spiders for gold

(You’re right if you think I showed another “SMACKO!” panel recently. It was in a Green Mask story I showed on February 21.)

Drawn by a teenaged Joe Kubert, this story uses the locale of Death Valley, California, which became a National Park in 1933. Death Valley, according to a little research on the Internet, was named by prospectors who crossed while traveling to the California gold fields in 1849, and yes, there was also gold in Death Valley, just as this story claims.

With a little more checking, I found the part of the story about using spiderwebs for crosshairs in bomb sights is true. You can read about it here. The story is entertaining as well as educational. And of course Joe’s artwork is always worth a look

From Harvey Comics’ All-New Comics #9 (1944):


A story, with original artwork by Kubert, from another issue of All-New Comics:

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