Friday, April 11, 2014

Number 1557: A sheriff’s place is in the home

Sal is a strong and capable woman who is sheriff of Red Dog. She’s dealing with a gang of rustlers and the jasper she loves, Flash, who is trying to get her job as sheriff.

Published in 1949 in Ace’s Western Love Trails #7, “Sheriff Sal’s Last Stand” fits into what was happening in American society in the time after World War II. Men were taking back jobs that women had held during the war, and women were put in the homes to be supported by their husbands. That was the era in which I was raised. Obviously there has been a major change of attitude since, which makes the ending of the story not nineteenth century, the era in which it’s set, but very much mid-century twentieth.

The Grand Comics Database makes a guess the well-drawn artwork is by King Ward. I’m not familiar enough with his work to tell one way or another.


Brian Barnes said...

Not much to say about the misogyny, we've see it before and it's not really anything special this time around, but I like how they shoe-ed in the cowboy detective story.

As usual, it gets a short shrift and doesn't make a great deal of sense except for a marriage macguffin. Still, it's a step above "should I marry the tennis pro or the guy that loves me" plot!

The art's nice, some interesting camera angle, but seems rushed in places. Good romance comic splash.



I knowed it were Pete right away, thet varmint! He were drawrn so gosh derned sneaky like! Yuh jest cain't trust them shifty-eyed sidewinders!

An' Ah'm a-glad Sal an' ol' Flash got hitched - them two belongs together like two bees a-buzzin' in the same honeysuckle blossom!

Yer analogy pertaining to returnin' soldiers an' womens a-losin' their jobs to them was down right insightful, pardner! This here's the best dang-blammed comics blog either side o' the Pecos! Yahoo!

Pappy said...

Apocolyte, and the name Pete, too..."Sneaky Pete" obvious can it get?

Pappy said...

Brian, the challenge for me as the presenter of such tales is to find stories that rise above the "should I marry the tennis pro, etc.," stories you mention. I'm always looking.