Sunday, February 23, 2014

Number 1530: Boyhood adventures end: Terry and the Pirates #9

With issue number 9 (1948) of Harvey’s Terry and the Pirates reprints, Terry’s adventures as a boy ended. The closing adventure (at least for the sake of this reprint series) I am showing  here. The rest of the book picks up during World War II when Terry Lee has become an air cadet. I won’t be showing those stories, so this post ends my reprints from this historic series.

I thought I’d apologize to any and all who take offense at the Asian caricatures. Unlike the white characters, Connie and Big Stoop are comic figures. That was the way they were presented 75 years ago when the strip was appearing in newspapers. While those depictions may make us uncomfortable today they were part of the popular culture of the era.

If you haven’t done so already, pick up from the beginning of the series, which began with Terry and the Pirates #3. Just click on the thumbnails of the covers:


Mr. Cavin said...

Nice reversal on the classic "L I looks too much like U" lettering no-no in panel four, page thirteen. Usually the reader makes the mistake by accidentally fitting the letters together. Here I guess the letterer did by taking the letter apart.

I've enjoyed seeing all the Young Terry stuff, Pappy (always excepting the racial stereotypes of course, it's important to learn about the good and the bad). Thanks!

Pappy said...

Ah yes, the old "L-I" as "U" trick...some comic companies and newspaper syndicates who handled comic strips had rules against using those letters in combination.

Thanks for the note, Cavin.