Sunday, October 20, 2013

Number 1457: The cost to be the boss: Terry and the Pirates #5

The boyhood adventures of Terry Lee in China continue with Harvey Comics’ Terry and the Pirates #5 (1947), by Milton Caniff.

Terry and Connie accompany a badly wounded Pat Ryan downriver to a hospital owned by a trading company. Intrigue and squabbles accompany Pat’s recuperation, as a new boss takes over the company. Mr. Sandhurst is not only aristocratic — better than the “English and American beachcombers on the payroll” — but also indifferent to the plight of the indigenous population. Oh, and Mr. Sandhurst is an extremely jealous husband to his young and pretty wife, who has a history with Pat.


You can read the first two parts of this continuing adventure here. Just click the covers.


Charles R. Rutledge said...

Boy, Pat was always ready to mix it up, wasn't he? Seems like he was constantly punching people.

Pappy said...

Charles, in those days Pat was considered a two-fisted he-man, and nowadays he might be court-ordered into counseling for anger issues.

Kirk said...

So is the story that the 1947 Terry's narrating 1930 reprints of the newspaper strip, or did Caniff just write and draw a whole new adventure that took place in the past? I'm guessing the former but not sure. It's been a long while since I looked at a T&tP collection, but I seem to remember Caniff's art being more cinematic in the '40s.

Pappy said...

Kirk, these are newspaper reprints, not material drawn for the ocmic books.