Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Number 1447: Prison break!

Five cons try to shoot their way out of prison only to find that CRIME CAN'T WIN! Nor can busting out of prison.This story, which tells each killer's crimes, is a bit like a television or movie script, and accentuates the drama leading up to the fatal final scenes.

Syd Shores, one of the great journeymen artists of the Golden Age, lends his considerable talents to telling this violent tale. I have some links to more of Shores’ fine work after the story scans.

From Wanted Comics #51 (1953):

As promised, more Shores, representing horror, war and Western. Just click the pictures.


bzak said...


Syd Shores died way too early. Love his art. His inking style was instantly recognizable. Thanks for posting links to other stories.

Brian Riedel

Brian Barnes said...

I really don't think tossing around grenades -- in a jail -- where the walls are important -- is the best anti-jailbreak technique!

I like the way this one was structured (as you said, Pappy), it's interesting and different than your normal crime story, but it does mean the actual action -- the jailbreak -- gets a shortened page count.

Pappy said...

Brian, this story really begged for more pages, or a couple less cons in on the breakout.