Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Number 1451: Battlin’ ‘bots

I used to watch my younger brother playing Rock’em Sock’em Robots with his buddies. I was a little too old when they became a fad in 1964...I was way too mature. I’d sniff with derision at the youngsters’ juvenile antics in trying to knock each others’ robot heads off, then go in my room and read comic books.

The idea for fighting robots wasn’t new, and had been used in science fiction before. It was used as recently as Real Steel, a movie from 2011.

So, we have two roughhousing robot stories today: “Stuart Taylor in Tales of the Supernatural” is from Jumbo Comics #101 (1947), and the Robotman story, “The Battling Robots” is from Star Spangled Comics #81 (1948). Robotman is drawn by Jimmy Thompson, and Stuart Taylor is credited by the Grand Comics Database as being drawn by Jack Kamen.


Alicia American said...

OMG Rubuts rule Pappy just like u! XOXOXO My sistar is a rubut part-time. OMG Pappy Im goin on WFMU 2moro @ 3PM NYC time 2 talk bout my run 4 NY Mayor ALICIA FOR MAYOR Yay! So far CNN is not covaring my campain :(

We luv u Pappy XOXOXOXO

Brian Barnes said...

After reading that first story, I suddenly realize women's true nature; shrew, hypocritical, only concerned with how new their dresses are, and always trying to ruin men's fun.

I think the writer really, really internalized his wife asking him to take out the garbage! Yeesh!

Other than the hideous attitudes in that thing, what's most fun about it is how nonchalant everybody is. Hey, let's check out boxing in the future! Sure, why not? Hey, a guy is firing a gun at me, I'll chase him! etc, etc. Everything done is literally "ah, what the hell, got nothing better to do!"

Pappy said...

Alicia, I'm sure you'll get the vote once you show the city you're serious about being mayor. Who could resist you? Hell, I'd vote for you and I live 2000 miles away. I'll send in an absentee ballot.

Pappy said...

Brian, I like that big sign that says NO HUMAN FIGHTING ALLOWED. It hit me like a thunderbolt...if we don't want an activity all we need to do is put up a sign.

...if we lived in Stuart Taylor's universe, that is.

Pappy said...

Alicia, meet a new follower of Pappy's, Pandemonia from London. Since you're a cartoon I'm sure you can relate.