Friday, November 26, 2010

Number 850

2-D Tor

I'd like to thank whoever took a 3-D copy of St. John's Tor #2 (actually, according to the indicia, 3-D #2, 1954) and blew out the 3-D effects, giving us a blackline copy.

I took their work and hopefully added to it by tweaking it a bit with my own software. I don't know who you are, anonymous scanner, but if you step forward and identify yourself I'll be glad to give you credit.

Tor is, of course, Joe Kubert's creation, a sort of serious Alley Oop caveman, wandering the world of "1,000,000 Years Ago," an anachronistic world where dinosaurs and humans co-exist, in a time roughly 64,000,000 years after the last dinosaurs died out. It may not be accurate in any way, but it sure is fun to look at, with or without the 3-D. It's just that for the purposes of this blog and Pappy readers, you don't have to hunt around for 3-D glasses to read it.

I do have 3-D glasses, and 3-D works on my computer screen just like it works on paper. Sometimes better. But they are a pain to wear over eyeglasses. Given my druthers I'd druther have the black and white.


Jeff Overturf said...

Wonderful stuff that I probably never would have given a second look to in 3D. Thanks to the scanner and to your additional work Pappy...great stuff!

Pappy said...

Thanks, Jeff. I'm still waiting for the original scanner to contact me. I'd like to find out how he blew out the red and blue and came up with a black line. Unless readers have the 3-D glasses these stories are unreadable. Having said that, I have a 3-D Black Rider tale upcoming next week, but it's just an add-on to a regular posting.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Great stuff! I had a look at the credits, as I was wondering who did what on this book. Great (signed) Russ Heath page. And I guess Norman Maurr and/or Bob Bean were involved in the funny second story. You sort of see the resemblance to Bean/Kubert's Miss Pepper. But who did the Danny Dreams story? The GCD says it's Kubert on pencil and inks, but now that we can see it clearly it is obvious that it might be Kubert pencils, but certainly not inks. The inks are quite bad, actually...