Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Number 836

The Time Travelers

"The Time Travelers" was a feature of ACG's Operation: Peril, appearing in issues #1-12. Like most of ACG's supernatural/science fiction the Time Travelers stories are equal parts extraordinary events, outrageous hokum and cornball dialogue. In this introduction story, from Operation: Peril #1, 1950, Peggy and Tom, the main characters, outbid some foreign agents for some papers of Nostradamus, which eventually lead to a working time machine.

I did a little reading on Nostradamus, and know he made his "prophecies" in quatrains, and did not deal in explicit events and dates as the Nostradamus of this story does. But this is a comic book, and they get away with the most outrageous plot devices.

The story is drawn by Ken Bald, who went on to a career as a syndicated cartoonist, doing comic strips like Dr. Kildare. He drew the syndicated Dark Shadows, using the pseudonym K. Bruce.

Part two of this story will be available here next Wednesday in Pappy's #840. You'll want to see Tom and Peggy go to Venus in their time machine and Tom get hustled by a beautiful Venusian princess! What did I say about outrageous plot devices?

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