Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Number 840

Tom and Peggy go to Venus

You've been on tenterhooks waiting for the conclusion to this Time Travelers opus after reading part one last week, haven't you? Operation: Peril #2, from 1951, picks up the story, crazy as it is.

Speaking of crazy stories, if you haven't had your fill, you can read another Time Travelers story from Operation: Peril #11 that I posted just over two years ago in Pappy's #399. In that posting I also answered a reader's query as to why I call some stories screwball. That story certainly qualified as screwball, as this does.


rnigma said...

Yup, this is one loopy tale with no cliche unturned!

They went way out of their way to avoid showing Harry Truman's face! It's worst at page 2, panel 2: very bad composition (the portraits of Washington, a rather shifty Lincoln, and FDR; the huge dialogue balloon; and Truman's forehead - is he sinking in quicksand?).

Pappy said...

I always noticed when comics tried to obscure the then-president's face, especially when everything else (profile, hair style, etc.) pointed to the White House occupant at the time the comic came out. I don't know if that was a sign of respect or not. Probably not, but it was another odd custom of comic books I used to wonder about as a kid.