Friday, November 05, 2010

Number 837

Straight Arrow

Straight Arrow was a radio program which lasted a short time, shorter than the comic book which licensed the character. I explained some of it in Pappy's #437, where I posted another Straight Arrow story. Fred Meagher was the artist, a solid pro with a flair for Western material. A few years earlier he had done Ralston Purina Company giveaway comics starring Tom Mix. When I read about them in an article years ago (by Ron Goulart?) I also found out that Meagher's name was pronounced Mar.

This is the first story from Straight Arrow #1, published by ME, written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Meagher.

This is dedicated to Mike Britt, Straight Arrow fan. Fifty years ago Mike's fanzine, Squatront #2*, was the first fanzine I ever saw, and is the direct ancestor of this blog. Thanks, Mike.

*(Mike's Squatront was not the Jerry Weist Squa Tront, which came later.)


Lysdexicuss said...

The muted neutral colors of Magazine Enterprises comics is naturalisticly refreshing after ones eyeballs have been perusing other publications with more garish pop colors.

Nice new look for the Blogzine, too ;~j

Glen Story said...

It's fascinating to me that we've had TWO Squa Tront's, one Spa Fon, and a Qua Brot, all EC alien lingo.

No Frud Nyuk yet, though, to my knowledge.


Pappy said...

Have we had a Good Lord (Choke)! fanzine, yet?

Jeff Overturf said...

Beautiful stuff. Simple, clean...I like it!