Thursday, November 25, 2010

Number 849

Thanksgiving turkey 2010

It's that day again...time to plop down, stuff yourself with food, fall asleep on the couch watching football. Yep, the traditional American Thanksgiving Day!

Here at Pappy's we celebrate by showing the most off-the-wall comic book story I've seen all year, the so-called Thanksgiving turkey. This year I've got a classic from 1944's Red Band Comics #1, featuring Satanas, one of the most bizarre characters to come out the comics (and that's saying a lot). He's from another planet; he comes to earth to do evil; he wears a wide-brimmed hat and a cloak--looking like a World War I-era cartoon of a bomb-throwing anarchist--has green skin and one cyclopean eye. That's bizarre, all right.

I'm the judge and jury here. You don't get a vote; sorry, but that's the way it is. "Satanas The Most Evil Man In The Universe" earns a solid three turkeys.

This is the fifth annual Turkey Award presentation. You can view the others by linking to them or clicking ont the pictures:

2006: "The Flat Man" from Pappy's #57

2007: "The Day The World Died" from Pappy's #222

2008: "The Bride of Jungle Jimmy" from Pappy's #421

2009: "The Million Year Monster" from Pappy's #636

...and my Thanksgiving Turkey for 2010:


Daniel [] said...

“Haha! Why were we storing that worthless stuff in a vault, anyway? I guess that the joke is on all of us!”

Pappy said... if Satanas would be trying to sell gold in the U.S. after stealing it from Fort if gold wasn't worth anything in the rest of the world, despite the U.S. being "off the gold standard."

Mykal Banta said...

I stand in absolute awe of both your collection and your taste. Another great turkey!

Theorbys said...

It's a shame it could have been a very good comic. Beautiful character with a great personality, and nice art. He has another appearance in the Captain Milksop story in the same Red Band #1 (a strongly metafictional spoof).