Thursday, July 08, 2010

Number 768

Foiled doom!

Today is the 63rd anniversary of the day the Roswell (New Mexico) Daily Record headline shouted, RAAF CAPTURES FLYING SAUCER ON RANCH IN ROSWELL REGION. The story was quickly retracted, but it has become part of the history-slash-mythology of UFO-slash-flying saucer lore for over six decades.

This story from the 1957 Adventures Into the Unknown #91 includes a brain tumor; little bug-eyed blue aliens from another dimension collecting dirt from Earth; little bug-eyed blue aliens taking our hero to their planet for surgery on his brain tumor; aluminum foil. You're just going to have to read it because my attempts to describe it are too feeble. It's written, presumably, by ACG editor Richard E. Hughes, and drawn by Kurt Schaffenberger. This is the second Schaffenberger story this week! I don't usually repeat like that, but for this great artist I'm making an exception.

I'm a sucker for a wild flying saucer story. Last year I commemorated this day in Pappy's #554.

Enjoy, and remember: keep watching the skies.


Jeff Overturf said...

There's a fine line between being "peculiar" and "a raving maniac".

The plan was foiled by aluminum foil...where's my hat???

Pappy said...

Jeff, I try to use the heaviest gauge foil possible to line my hat. I find it deflects alien death rays and intrusive mind control very well. In a pinch I can use the thinner generic store brand doubled and tripled-over.

Hope this helps somebody. Keep your hat on!

Daniel [] said...

Good L_rd! The conversion of bauxite is simple enough that I could do it. Oh well, comic book science. What can ya say?