Monday, July 26, 2010

Number 779

The little girl who always laughed

A classic by John Stanley, originally from Little Lulu #21, reprinted in the Dell Giant, Little Lulu and Alvin Storytelling Time, from 1959.

I can't give the deep insight that Frank Young of the Stanley Stories blog gives to John Stanley's stories, but what I've determined from this tale are the debilitating effects of low self-esteem, looksism, and the psychologically healing powers of rhinoplasty. If you're in this situation and need it, I suggest you contact your local medical association for a good plastic surgeon. Do not attempt this at home.

Today is the fourth anniversary of this blog. Who'da thunk it? Knowing and understanding my own short attention span, when I started this endeavor in 2006 I had no idea I'd still be at it by now.


Daniel [] said...

I wish that I'd read your caution before I started cutting. Chr_st, that hurt!

Tamfos said...

So as I was sitting her at home recovering from sinus surgery, I decided to check out your blog and... well, you know.

I think Sting would call that "Synchronicity."

Pappy said...

I guess I just nose what's pertinent!

Craig said...

congrats on the anniversary! the blog is a daily great pleasure, pappy!

Pappy said...

Thanks, Craig. If I help make anybody's day better then that's a bonus for me.