Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Number 767

Foxy Torchy

Torchy was a creature of the golden age of pin-up art. When Bill Ward left the strip Gill Fox took over. These are examples of Fox's Torchy work, from Torchy #3, 1950, published by Quality Comics.

Ger Apeldoorn has posted several examples of Gill Fox's fine work, and how he was able to adapt his style, whether it was a newspaper comic strip or advertising art.

I don't know if Torchy had any influence, subliminal or otherwise, on Harvey Kurtzman when Little Annie Fanny was created for Playboy (after all, Annie was originally a Candide-like character named Goodman Beaver). Like Annie, Torchy is an innocent beauty unaware of the effect she's having on the men around her.

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Tamfos said...

Wow, was there anything Fox couldn't do? I knew him slightly back in 80's, a sweet guy. Very knowledgeable about the Golden age and always willing to share. More interested in talking about others than himself.

Hope you're feeling better, Pap. And thanks again for all this great work.