Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Number 772

"B" is for...Bill Ely's House of Secrets

The next to last in Pappy's lame-o Plan B theme this week. Check out Sunday's blog.

Longtime comic artist Bill Ely did these well-drawn stories for DC's House of Secrets in the late 1950s. I've shown art by Ely before, a cartoonist from the earliest days of the comics, who did a lot of work for DC in the days when artists were more anonymous. After looking at his work for a while I've noticed the way he drew eyes, and mentioned before they remind me of eyes drawn by the better known George Evans.

Ely was a true professional. I first noticed his work in the 1960s. Unlike most of DC's artists of the '60s, before credits in comics became common, Ely signed a lot of his stories.

"The 20th Century Nero" is from HOS #5, July-August, 1957; "The Diamond Hands Of the Sun God" is from HOS #8, January-February, 1958; "The Face In the Mist" is from HOS #13, October, 1958.

Here's more Ely, from Pappy's #695.

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