Monday, October 12, 2009

Number 609

Supermouse and a whale of a tale

Supermouse returns to Pappy's after a long absence. This story comes from Supermouse The Big Cheese Summer Holiday Issue #1, a 100-page special dated 1957. I've mined this giant reprint comic for stories before. It's not inexhaustible, but there are still a couple more I'll be showing at some time.

It's drawn by Milton Stein. Jim Engel once described him to me as THE Supermouse artist. I agree.

I've shown other Stein Supermouse stories in Pappy's #126, Pappy's #202, Pappy's #288, and Pappy's #369. I know people like these strips because occasionally I run into my scans being posted on other blogs.

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Mykal Banta said...

I really enjoyed this. So well done - each panel like a little bigfoot universe. It was a real pleasure. Thanks for posting -- Mykal