Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Number 614

Two tough broads

In his famous screed, Seduction of the Innocent, Dr. Fredric Wertham claimed that all comic books were crime comics. That's true of both of these stories. "Jailbird's Romance" is from My Romantic Adventures #49, 1954, and is disguised as a love comic.

There's no disguising "Killers on the Loose! Francine O'Connor, the Empress of Crime," which is from a 1952 Avon crime comic, Prison Break #3.

Ogden Whitney's "Jailbird's Romance" tells of a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who falls into crime. She goes to prison, gets out, falls in love, and then in defiance of the usual love comics ending she loses the guy she loves and goes back to prison. In my book that makes it a crime comic, not a love comic. Whitney used Craftint* board for his artwork.

The Grand Comics Database gives credit to artist Tex Blaisdell for the "Empress of Crime." He drew some good girl fight panels. The women in these stories are tough. They need to kick ass and do. They need to survive in a world of men. And they do.

*Craftint, now known as Grafix, has been discontinued. See the story here.


Mykal Banta said...

Pappy: Loved the story of Angel Morelli. What a real, completely fleshed out character. My favorite panel was the last one on page 6, where she is striding from prison. What a perfect miniture - her posture, her expression, her very attitude and personality just shine. Also loved the battle with the cops at the end, with one cop posting his foot on the doorframe for more leverage in battling the she-demon. Great story and great post.-- Mykal

Chuck Wells said...

Both of these stories go straight to the top of your best posts of late, Pappy.

I'd have to give the Whitney tale the props as my favorite of the two, cause the angst alone nearly killed me after reading it.

Pappy said...

Youse muggs is good to ol' Pappy. Very nice a'youse. Now take a powder, willya. I got to have some time to myself...::the crusty old blogger said, taking his handkerchief and dabbing away at the tears forming in the corners of his eyes::

Mykal Banta said...

Actually, Pappy, you have been too good to me. Thanks for your support of my Big Blog of Kids' Comics.

I have another, new comic blog were Pappy's is of course linked up. If you could take a peek and find it linkworthy, I swear I won't bother you again (except to leave comments on your posts). My new Gold Key Comics blog is at: Thanks for the consideration. -- Mykal


Pappy, I love your blog! -first post of a long-time reader! Thanks for the awesome variety and insights!

Enjoyed the Blaisdell art...certain parts were reminiscent of early Wood. I have to look into him a bit now...


That's a lot of craftint! Makes that Whitney story even better!

Darci said...

Compare Francine O'Connor's story with the one in Batman #210. I wonder if Frank Robbins read this?