Sunday, October 04, 2009

Number 604

Facing off with the Face

The Face, really war correspondent Tony Trent, puts on a funny-looking mask and kicks Nazi butt in this story from The Face #2, 1943.

Mart Bailey, a very good artist who started working during the early days of comics, supplies the artwork. It was published by Columbia, the same folks who brought us Sparky Watts, Big Shot and Skyman.

We've posted some more stories of the Face in Pappy's #63, Pappy's #197, and Pappy's #284.


Chuck Wells said...

Pappy, I've grown to love these old Face stories. I can't believe that the character isn't more popular.

[Sorry, but to heck with what Dynamite is doing with the guy.]

Pappy said...

Chuck, originally I thought I liked these stories because of the crisp artwork, which was miles ahead of many artists of the era. Then I looked at Mart Bailey's later Tony Trent strips (The Face without the mask)and even with Bailey's artwork I just don't find them particularly interesting from a story standpoint.

So I guess that's a way of saying, yeah, I agree with you.

As a matter of fact, there are lots of things I like better since I started doing this blog than I did before. Weird...maybe it's because I am finally taking a real look at them for purposes of analysis. Or it could be in my old age I'm just getting easier to please.