Monday, October 05, 2009

Number 605

The tricksters

DC's funny animal comics used a lot of trickster stories. It's probably because they were common in animated cartoons and they came from a common source, folk tales.

Dodo and the Frog were like the Fox and the Crow. One always tricking the other. It's amazing to me that the writers could come up with so many variations on the same theme. Dodo and the Frog were drawn by Otto Feuer, a moonlighting animator. Two more Dodo and the Frog stories, these from the 1940s, are here.

The other story, Dizzy Dog, is by Sheldon "Shelly" Mayer, DC's all-around cartoonist, a creative person who had been at one time or another an editor, writer, and artist at DC, from the time he was a teenager until he succumbed to old age.

The two stories are from The Dodo and the Frog #80, 1954, and my thanks go out to David Miller for providing the scans.

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Chuck Wells said...

I wish that DC would package these old anthropomorphic series like they did with the recent Kirby omnibus volumes.