Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Number 538

Alex Niño

Alex Niño's angular, psychedelic style was probably the most unique of the Philippine comic artist invasion of the 1970s. He could take even the most routine script and turn it into something interesting. As I recall he had some trouble with editors over his style when he stretched his imagination too far, and made the stories difficult to decipher.

There's no problem with that here. These stories are written by Jack Oleck. "Fish Story" is from Secrets of the Haunted House #1 from '74, and "The Evil Power" is from Weird Mystery Tales #9, 1975.

Grantbridge Street has posted an Oleck/Niño DC story here.


Karswell said...

Cool stuff Pappy. Nino was a fave of mine as a kid reading horror comics in the 70's... not many people can pull off "angular" and organic in the same panel like he could.

Uncle Ernie said...

Nino created interesting and unique visuals. I have read that he may have been influenced by an older artist, Ruben Yandoc (Rubeny.)

I've seen Yandoc's work but I've never been able to find out much about him. The work he did for DC's mystery titles always seemed to work best when there was a bit of humor in the stories.

K. Nacht said...

Wow-! Fabulous Nino! I'm mostly familiar with the Warren stuff he did, at the height of his Viennese seccessionist/nouveau style. I must say I like the somewhat tempered, mainstream comic style of this story. I wish the stuff on the shelves today was half this good.