Sunday, June 14, 2009

Number 540


The Target and Targeteers lasted through the 1940s. Created in 1940 by cartoonist Dick (Frankenstein) Briefer, using the name Dick Hamilton, the Target was a metallurgist who wore a costume made of metallic fibers that bullets bounced off. His two business partners joined him as the Targeteers.

This episode is fromTarget Comics Volume 3 Number 12, February 1943. By this time the Target and Targeteers were servicemen, and this particular story uses only one Targeteer. Maybe the other guy was on KP peeling spuds.

Sid Greene did the artwork along with somebody named Ryan. Greene was another of the comic book journeymen I'm always glad to feature. He's probably best known to modern comics fans for the work he did during the '60s at DC, where I saw him first as an inker. He was hired to replace the retired Bernard Sachs. I saw Greene's pencils and inks in various places. I showed a story of his from Mystery in Space a couple of weeks ago. Sid Greene died in 1972.


Radiation Cinema! said...

Pappy: Love Sid Greene's work. His characters never looked generic, each one seemed to have a unique personality, as your post demonstrates. His work always looked so well thought out, never rushed. Thanks for this samping of his work. -- Mykal

Chuck Wells said...

Damn! Somehow I missed this one on Sunday, so I'm very glad that I rolled the mouse back down the page today.