Sunday, March 15, 2009

Number 488

He's lean, he's mean, he's green

Stark...the scoundrel? Where was the writer's thesaurus when he wrote this story? Stark is a killer who gets put to death in the electric chair, then is revived by some vegetable formula at the expense of turning the color of broccoli, and goes on a crime spree, and all he is is a scoundrel? How about Stark the slayer? the savage? the sociopath?

This story is from Blackhawk #16, Autumn 1947. Grand Comics Database, using their old question mark trick, lists Bill Ward? as artist. I don't claim to know who drew it, but the artwork is good.


Chuck Wells said...

Yay! Bee-youtee-full stuff here, Pappy.

I really do loves me some Blackhawks.

Tamfos said...

Nothing about this art says Ward to me, but styles can change, after all. And the first three panels on Page Two? Almost Eisnerian in their conception. Great stuff.

Booksteve said...

A lot of Quality stuff was Eisnerish. I don't see much Ward style in the first couple pages but after that I seem to. Ward's Blackhawk always looked like he was wearing eye makeup. The poses start to look like his style, also. A heavy-handed inker, perhaps. Cuidera maybe?

Pappy said...

This is one of those stories where I don't see any artist that I recognize. in some of the panels some of the Blackhawks look a little odd. I like the comment about Blackhawk wearing eye makeup. Hey, it's lonely out there on that island with only guys for company.