Monday, March 02, 2009

Number 481

Boody call

Craig Yoe's book, Boody, featuring Boody Rogers' strips from Sparky Watts and Babe, is available for pre-ordering.

Even though I own a lot of what Yoe is reprinting I don't have it all, so I will be ordering the book. I don't intend anything I post online to compete with anything in printed form; I am a bibliophile, love books. I love having them on my shelves to be able to pull down and peruse. I fully support any books that reprint old comics, and want everyone else to support them, too.

So in honor of Yoe's Boody book, here are two of the backup stories from Sparky Watts #6, 1947. I showed you the 26-page lead story here.


Ger Apeldoorn said...


I know there is a Sparky book out, but I am not really into that all that much. Did you know there was a Sparky newspaper strips as well. I have found several and could add them to my list of stuff to show if they are not already collected...

Pappy said...

I think the early issues of Big Shot Comics featured reprints of the Sparky Watts comic strips. After Captain Gordon "Boody" Rogers returned from his war service in 1946 new material began appearing.

I haven't seen much of the comic strip Sparky, so would appreciate seeing whatever you have.

Booksteve said...

Thanks for the heads up on Craig's book. I pre-ordered it. Good price, too (for us out of work guys. And thanks for yet another SPARKY fix!

Anonymous said...

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