Friday, May 30, 2008

Number 317

Robotbody Meets a Body!

This Robotman story is from Detective Comics #152, October 1949. It's drawn by Jimmy Thompson, who I understand was an old timer, an artist who went back to pre-comic book days, working for newspapers. His drawing style is excellent and well-suited for DC Comics of the 1940s, so he adapted well to then-current art styles. I love the panels where Robotman wears different bodies: a midget body, a glass body, a helicopter body…

The story shows me again what I've said before: backup features in DC Comics could be as good as the lead features. DC's B-list characters were often better than other companies' A-list. I wish I had more of these to show you, but this is my sole comic with Robotman.


The Hairy Green Eyeball posts a rare 1990s fanzine, It's Melvin, devoted to the EC days of the late Will Elder. It includes an index of Elder reprints up to the date of publication.


Chuck Wells said...

I have to agree with you Pappy on the artwork here. Nice surprise this morning from you.

Robotman was a cool member of the
All-Star Squadron, so I enjoyed reading this adventure (even with the midget robot body).

ET said...


Karswell said...

Robotman's abilities to change to glass or a midget (?!) remind me of Green Arrow's ability to always have the craziest but appropriate type of arrow to use for whatever the situation requires. French Tickler arrow heading your way lady!

So wait, what's Robotman's weakness again then... salad oil?

The Vicar of VHS said...

>>French Tickler arrow heading your way lady!

So that's why the Black Canary was always smiling!

I love how the Electrician takes a moment to appreciate the irony of his situation before losing consciousness.

"I guess you're not used to shooting at a midget!"

Genius! Why aren't there all-midget SWAT teams, I ask you? Think of the lives they could save!

Karswell said...

>So that's why the Black Canary was always smiling!

Might explain why Speedy always had a smile on his.. face... too... errrr...

Pappy said...

Tsk tsk...the way this conversation is going. Do you guys recognize the "arrow" of your ways? (Ouch.)

Did Doc Wertham ask questions about Green Arrow and Speedy? There might be a reason Green Arrow's name is Oliver Queen.