Monday, May 12, 2008

Number 309

"...hungrily lap my blood…"

The writing in this Sheena story from Jumbo Comics #93, November 1946, is a really good example of purple prose. Deep purple! The artwork is by Robert Webb, a workhorse for the Jerry Iger shop.

Queen Darma of the Dawn Race (and that's what they call themselves, apparently realizing they're not evolved) looks like she could use a 55-gallon drum of hair remover.

It's very silly, but great fun from Fiction House.


cartoonjoe said...

That Sheena doesn't play around, does she?;-)

Mr. Karswell said...

Wow, I never realized these Sheena stories were also total monster fests! I may have to pick up some issues myself now as originally I thought this series was just typical jungle thrills and stuff. Granted, my interest was peeked a bit more with that nice close-up of her leopard skin rump on the last page too! (insert Tarzan yowl here.)

The Vicar of VHS said...

I never read Sheena either, but obviously I'm missing out! Like Karswell, I love the gratuitous Sheena butt-shot on pg. that wrong of me? Or to use Sheena-speak: "Behold the mighty hindquarters of the Queen of the Jungle! See, I crush the gnarled shells of walnuts into very powder with the awesome strength of my backside!"

Loads of wonderful moments here--stray reactions:

--" in a death-grip over the yawning torture pit!" They don't write 'em like that anymore!
--When women had tails!
--A SERPOQUID? Of course, he eats the expendable native.
--"HO! You would fight Sheena?" Sheena from the 'hood.
--Sheena trapped in this "web-like snare"? Maybe it's web-like because it's, you know, A WEB?

Wonderful stuff. More Sheena, Pappy! Puh-leeze?

Mr. Cavin said...

"...while they hungrily lap my blood and eat my flesh!

Wow, Sheena can be a mouthful, eh? Read that ten times fast, and you might start sputtering gibberish like "...hungrily eat my lap!" Wotta tongue-twister.