Friday, May 16, 2008

Number 311

The Hidden Vampire!

In line with my co-conspirators/friends Chuck Wells and Karswell of Comic Book Catacombs and The Horrors Of It All respectively, here's a nifty little vampire story from Atlas Comics' Journey Into Mystery #21, January 1955, making it near the end of Atlas' pre-code horror comics.

Atlas Tales gives credit to Manny Stallman ? with a question mark.


Chuck Wells said...

This tale struck me the first time that I read it and it manages to hold up pretty well also.

Mr. Karswell said...

I did post this one already but no biggy, if I had a dollar for everything I've posted that you already had up years before I started THOIA... well, I think I'd have about $3 or $4. Plus your scans come from the original comic while mine came from a 70's reprint.

This is an awesome story, though I have serious doubts about Manny Stallman on the art... while some of his stuff is pretty good, he never struck me as being this capably moody and dynamic. I could be wrong though!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Could be Fred Kida as well...

Pappy said...

Chuck, thanks as always for your input. I hope you got the comics on your recently posted wantlist. I looked through my stuff to see if I had any of the books you pictured in your blog, but don't have any of them.

Karswell, I guess we could figure it like this: you hear a good song on the radio and you don't care if you switch to another station and hear the same song. It's still good!
...leastwise that's how I can justify doing what's already been done.

Ger, you might be onto something with Fred Kida, who had a great Caniff-like style in the late '40s. The guy who could draw men in trenchcoats was Johnny Craig, so anytime I see a trenchcoat I think of him. There could be a little swiping from him in this strip, too. It wouldn't be the first time.