Saturday, April 05, 2008

Number 286

Ghost Patrol

"Ghost Patrol" was one of those secondary features produced for DC Comics' titles. I appreciate these back-of-the-book strips, which made do with characters not strong enough to star in their own titles. Many of them were illustrated and written by the same top talent that was producing the star features. In this case, "Marked For Danger" comes from Flash Comics #98, August, 1948. Talk about top talent: it's drawn by Carmine Infantino and inked by Bob Oksner.

I like the ghost character playing baseball out in the universe, whacking meteorites!


Karswell said...

Caramba Paps, thees was one of the most fun posts I ever read! Beautiful art, the fight sequence in the gym in particular is very well constructed. I totally love how anything can happen, "Oh, I rode a swordfish and..."

I also love that they have their own theme song. Ha ha! Would definitely love to see more from The Ghost Patrol! How many appearences were there, do you know?

Pappy said...

Without going to Google and finding out exactly how many Ghost Patrols there were, they were in Flash Comics for most of that title's run. I may have another one in the box of tear sheets. I'll have to check. I'm getting senile and forget easily.

Karswell, you're a pal to make these positive comments and I appreciate them, but this is a notice to the shitheads who keep putting their goddam spam links in the comments box: KNOCK IT OFF. I find one, I delete it. QUIT POSTING THEM. I hate them, and I wanna go all horror comics-revenge on you spammers for doing it. Grrrr.

As for you, Karswell, you can write whenever and whatever you like! Pap

Karswell said...

>As for you, Karswell, you can write whenever and whatever you like! Pap

Thanks Pappy! This is a daily stop for me first thing every morning. Come by my blog sometime too.

Pappy said...

I may not have comments, but I read your blog every day. I especially liked you posting the entire Web Of Evil #15, and look forward to reading more complete issues from your collection.