Monday, April 28, 2008

Number 299

Billy and Bonny Bee to the rescue!

From New Funnies #79, September, 1943, comes this excellent 6-page strip by Frank Thomas.

As I explained the last time I posted a Billy and Bonny Bee story, the Frank Thomas who drew these characters was not the same Frank Thomas who was one of the Nine Old Men at Disney. But there is some sort of Disney connection: Billy and Bonny appear to be influenced by Disney's Bucky Bug. In my last "Billy and Bonny" posting I called it a funny animal strip, but "funny insects" is a sub-genre of "funny animals." A really small one. Get it? Insects, small? Oh well…maybe you had to be there.


Chuck Wells said...

There's just not enough of this type of old, funny stuff getting reprinted.

Too bad! Good, cartoon-style artwork is always appreciated.

Karswell said...

I really like this one too, but what the story doesn't tell you is that as they were all flying back home in the storm, the wind blew everyone right smack into a buglight and zapped them all to ashes.

Cute ashes though.