Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Number 288

Supermouse Underwater!

Here's a Supermouse story from Standard Comics' Supermouse #12, April 1951, drawn by Milton Stein.

For you Supermouse fans--and I know you're out there because you write me and tell me you want more Soupie--this is the second-to-last story I have drawn by Stein; sometime in the future I will be posting from Supermouse #22, and unless I get more Supermouse comics, that will be it. If you're new to Pappy's Supermouse stories by Stein have been posted in Pappy's #126, Pappy's #202, and a story drawn by an unknown artist in Pappy's #246.


Chuck Wells said...

You can definitely count me among the Supermouse supporters, Pappy.

Anything from the old Better/Standard/Nedor line gets my attention and Soupie is always fun.

Pappy said...

Keep in touch, Chuck. Got a few more things from that publishing triad coming up, including another Spunky Junior Cowboy from Standard. I've just gotta get the scanner cranked up and get to work on 'em!

Sherm said...

These scans are SUper...thanks Pappy! Before there were comics blogs like your, I never even knew about Milt Stein or Supermouse.

Thanks for your great posts every day...this is definitley one of the top comics blogs, and probably the best! --sherm