Friday, April 18, 2008

Number 293

Bikini babes in space

Trust Fiction House to come up with undressed heroines to the rescue. This tale is from Planet Comics #69, Winter 1952, in turn reprinted from Planet #20, 1942. According to the GCD the breathless artwork is by Saul Rosen, an artist I'm not familiar with.

Fiction House plots are usually unmemorable for me. I just re-read this interplanetary story of jewels and a queen, also eventually undressed, and better write this while I can still recall it. The girls in the stories I can recall because they bought their work outfits from Frederick's of Hollywood.


Chuck Wells said...

I've heard of Gale & her Girl Squadron, but I had never seen one of the stories before.

Not bad. Not good. Sorta weird, if ya' ask me.

Karswell said...

Ha ha, once again I have to agree with Chuck about the "not good not bad" aspects. Still, babes in bikinis doing just about anything will always get my attention.

The Vicar of VHS said...
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The Vicar of VHS said...

Dear Gale Allen,

I am intrigued by your organization and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

The Vicar

WOW. What a cornucopia of cheesecake! OMG, I love this SO MUCH! I want to see the movie version of this story right now! So many gratuitous butt shots, so much skin, so much action, so much innuendo!

"Gale pulls feverishly on aged throttles!"

Yes! Yes! PULL IT!

"Cautiously making their way through winding passages, they reach Queen Rika's pleasure canoe!"

Ooo-er, missus!

And what can I say about that INSANELY Freudian penultimate panel? Wait, I know what I can say: ZANG.

More Gale Allen, please!

Anonymous said...

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