Monday, August 21, 2006

Number 12

 COVERING IT: Classic Golden Age Comic Book Covers, Part 3

Charles Biro did some intriguing covers for books he edited.Crime Does Not Pay was his brainchild, and he did most of the covers during its successful and notorious run.I like this particular cover, of Crime Does Not Pay #45, as much for what it doesn't show as for what it does. It doesn't illustrate anything from the inside of the book, just standing alone as a mini-story in one picture. Looking at it gives me more questions than answers.

Why is Nicki shooting into the closet?

Who is in the closet?

Who is the girl next to Nicki, and how does she know there's no one in the closet?

Is Nicki jealous of someone he thinks is in the closet?

Does it have something to do with the girl?

Why is Nicki wearing that godawful green suit?

Why is he wearing the suit with yellow socks?

Why doesn't the girl tell him he's badly dressed?

Why is "Nicki" spelled like a girl's name?

Is there someone in the closet he doesn't want the girl to meet?

Is Nicki someone who needs to come out of a closet of his own?

All of these are questions you could use to write your own story around this cover.

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