Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Number 8

Don't Bury Me Deep

There's no room for subtlety in a 7-page comic book story, and especially no subtlety in a horror comic book story. Since the lead character is most likely going to get it in the end, it has to be made immediately known to the reader that whatever vengeance--from another character, or even from beyond the grave--is visited upon him, the butthead really deserves it.

"Don't Bury Me Deep" fits right into that category of horror story. It's drawn by Bill Everett, longtime stalwart of the Timely/Atlas Comics line, creator of Sub-Mariner, and illustrator of many a spooky tale for these Stan Lee edited books. It's from Adventures Into Weird Worlds #5.

Since "Don't Bury Me Deep" is about an undertaker, I hope you'll dig it. Har har har.

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