Thursday, August 31, 2006

Number 16

COVERING IT: Classic Golden Age Comics Covers Part 5

In the neverending quest of Pappy's Golden Age Comic Book Blogzine to overwhelm its readers with trivia and unimportant stuff about Golden Age comics, here is a cover to follow up on Pappy's #15 posting of "Ivan's Woe" by Howard Nostrand.

Bill Spicer published some of the earliest and most intelligent articles about comics, in one of the most professional formats. This issue, Graphic Story Magazine #16, published with a date of Summer, 1974, contains an interview with Nostrand about his career. At the time it was published he was out of comics, doing advertising art, but shortly after this re-entered the field. He did work for the very short-lived Atlas/Seaboard line of comics (Targitt), and then did work for Cracked Magazine up until his death in 1984.

This issue of Graphic Story Magazine also has some excellent comic art, reprinting a classic Bob Powell horror story, a John Pound EC satire, and even a Basil Wolverton story! A very eclectic issue of an eclectic fanzine, worth searching out.

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