Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Number 1647: Dead Man’s Doom!

Anticipating Halloween next week, we have a spooky story. The moody and melodramatic tale of a malevolent medium in the aftermath of murdering his mark has a gimmick: a couple of meanings, besides the most obvious, for the term “dead man.” Huh. I was not familiar with either of these descriptive phrases before, so who says you can’t learn something from comic books? King Ward signed this story in the splash panel with a fancy “K”.  It is from Forbidden Worlds #2 (1951).

Monday, October 20, 2014

Number 1646: Wonder Woman’s hot feet

Wonder Woman stories written by her creator, Charles Moulton (William Moulton Marston), seldom disappoint. They have elements that elevate the character above the run-of-the-mill super-doer. This delightfully oddball tale is set in Mexico with a beautiful eight-foot-tall señorita, bandits with bandoleros, Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, chains, bondage, and even Wonder Woman in bare feet walking over hot coals. Wow.

This Mexican melange is drawn by H.G. Peter, and is scanned from Sensation Comics #45 (1945).

More wonderful wacky Wonder Woman. Click on the thumbnail.

The New Yorker for September 22, 2014, had a fascinating article by Jill Lepore on the character and Marston. Click on the thumbnail.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Number 1645: Frankenstein and the Beautiful Dead

The poor monster can’t get a break when it comes to female companionship. In this story, from Frankenstein #32 (1954), he has two loves, both of them lacking conversational skills. Since the monster doesn’t talk that would normally suit him fine. With these women, though, there is a reason for them being mute.

Dick Briefer is the author and artist of this tragic tale.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Number 1644: Can an invisible voice be heard?

The Voice is another character from Dell’s Popular Comics. This story, drawn by Jim Chambers, is from Popular #59 (1941). It is the issue that also featured the Marvel Man story I showed in Pappy’s #1612. The Voice throws a special cellophane cloak over himself and becomes invisible. The character is prophetic. According to several sources* technology is making such an invisibility suit a reality.

I doubt that total invisibility (as in the fantasies I used to have as a junior high kid wondering about the girls’ shower room), is achievable, but in some form, who knows? High-tech camouflage might work for soldiers hiding on a battlefield in plain sight. Some claim the technology is here now, but I'd have to “see” something invisible to believe it.

*We all believe everything we read and see on the Internet, eh?