Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Number 2390: Dagar Desert Hawk: Big Sahib, Little Sahib

I’ll get this out of the way: the villain in this story refers to himself as “Big Sahib.” I looked up sahib in the dictionary. It is a term of respect for greeting someone. An example given is “the Doctor Sahib.” My reason for checking on it is because it is a term from India, not from an Arab country where this story takes place.

Big Sahib is a short guy, so to get bigger he does not choose to buy platform shoes or heel lifts, he just invents a formula to shrink everyone else. Maybe instead of creating a shrink juice he could have worked on a formula to make himself taller?

Jack Kamen drew this story, or at least a substantial part of it, at the Iger Studio. Grand Comics Database credits artist Edmund Good, but I don’t believe it’s by Good, who did draw some Dagar stories, but Kamen. I love Kamen’s action scenes and scantily clad women in this sexy story from Fox Features, the line of exploitation comics.

This short story is from Dagar Desert Hawk #16 (1948).


Daniel [] said...

Of course, it's absurd that a force of relatively intelligent creatures who would be a real threat to an armed man on horseback would not also have been a threat to an anteater or to Li'l Sahib.

The Iger Studio loved to kill beautiful female characters brutally. I'm inclined to imagine an abiding hatred born from rejection.

Pappy said...

Daniel, I don't know if you are aware the main writer for Iger's books was Ruth Ann Roche, one of the unsung females in comics at the time. She wrote what would sell, I surmise, and who knows, maybe she hated women.

Daniel [] said...

Or maybe she hated competition.