Friday, June 12, 2015

Number 1747: Young Bob Lubbers

Bob Lubbers had a long career in comics, both in comic books and comic strips. He was still a teenager when he did this 1940 story for Centaur’s The Arrow #2. After Centaur folded in 1942 he went on to Fiction House, where he became art director, then went into the military during World War II. He came back to Fiction House after the war and did various features, including Captain Wings (see the link below). Lubbers worked on the Tarzan daily strip. He worked for and with Al Capp on L’il Abner, and drew the Capp-written strip, Long Sam.

Lubbers specialized in pretty girls. Robin Malone, subject of an article in Hogans Alley #19, is a good example. Having whetted your appetite I am sorry for leading you on, but there are no pretty girls in this Arrow strip.

As promised, links to more Lubbers. “Romance In a Trance” is one of the most visited Pappy’s Golden Age posts.


J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Really nice gals he drew indeed.
"Ahhhh!...By now, the SHE-CAPITALIST is safely out of the way..."
Man, only in the 60's...
Hey girls, who wants to be a She-Capitalist?

Ryan Anthony said...

I can't stand it, in golden age comics, when the caption is placed at panel-bottom! So, you get bits like Bull getting shot in the hand with an arrow and shouting "Yow!" (hey, did John Stanley write this?), and then Limey announcing that it's "The Arrow again!" Only then do you read, at bottom, "Suddenly!" Or there's the panel where The Arrow is standing heroically in the doorway, and the hoods exclaim from off-panel, "The Arrow!" But we still need the bottom caption announcing "In steps the Arrow!"? Man, that's annoying.

And there's the writer not trusting the artist again: "They plunge headlong over the cliff!" Really? The "YAAAAAA," accompanied by "CRASH," "BAM," "CRUNCH," and the car hitting bottom with a "CRASH!" didn't give that away?

Anonymous said...

Versatile Bob Lubbers. Enjoyed all these samples. The aviation comic in the style of Milt Caniff, more or less, I must have not read when you posted it in 2012. Maybe because it was an aviation comic. Really like his artwork on the Robin Malone newspaper strip. The Pappy knowledge simply surpasses mine. Well, that's why you have a blog and I do not. One reason, anyway. =smile=