Friday, June 24, 2011

Number 970

Super Stein's Supermouse

In early May I showed three stories by Milt Stein, animator and comic book artist. I like Stein so much I have two more, both from Supermouse #4, 1949.

The thought occurred to me how rich the late '40s were for fans of funny animal art. Walt Kelly's Pogo, Carl Barks' Donald Duck Four Color Comics, the fine work in Giggle and Ha-Ha Comics by the moonlighting animators from the Sangor/ACG shop, and these super Supermouse comics by Milton Stein.


DEMiller said...

I Recently bought an old funny animal comic with a Milt Stein story and loved it. He was amazing. Thanks for posting more of his work. Is there any chance that Craig Yoe or someone else will publish a collection?

Jeff Overturf said...

You're out-doing yourself this week Pappy! Airby, Kirby, 'em all!

Tamfos said...

Stein's work is so beautiful and so inspired, it's easy to overlook the green "gorilla" at the beginning of the 2nd story.

Pappy said...

DEMiller, I can't speak for Craig Yoe, but he published a Supermouse story in Klassic Krazy Kool Kids Komics...except it was by Al Hubbard, a fine cartoonist in his own right, but not Stein.

Craig, you listening? Your fans want Milt Stein!

Pappy said...

Jeffy, Aw...(bluussshhhh)'re so kind.