Friday, June 17, 2011

Number 966

Frankenstein Friday redux

In the early days of his blog I presented a Frankenstein story every Friday, thinking myself oh-so-clever for calling it "Frankenstein Friday." Well, for this week, anyway, Frankenstein Friday is back with a tale from Dick Briefer's Monster of Frankenstein #30, from 1954. This was the next-to-last issue. In reading this tale I wondered how exhausting it would be to be a grave robber, having to dig up corpses every night. Bring out the Ben-Gay liniment. My shoulders and back ache, and I'm getting tendinitis in my arms from the shovel. No wonder the grave robber thought the Monster would be helpful.

Craig Yoe's wonderful book, Dick Briefer's Frankenstein, which reprints stories from Briefer's various incarnations of the Monster as a comic book character, is still available from Yoe! Books (many other great titles available, too), and from Bud Plant. Also available from is The Monster of Frankenstein, which reprints in black line all the horror comics Frankenstein stories Briefer did, including the one I'm posting today. Highly recommended, and tell 'em Pappy sent you.

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