Monday, April 18, 2011

Number 932

Funny furry Fritz

Frank Frazetta, an artist well known worldwide for his fantasy paintings, started out in comic books, including these funny animal comics from 1949.

Frazetta, who made comic book drawing look easy (and it probably was, for him), didn't seem to have any problems going from comic art featuring humans to a fuzzy critter funny book. His artwork in the issue is better than the other artists', and there isn't anything wrong with them, it's just in comparison. He was probably the best artist in any comic book his work appeared in.

"Bruno Bear" is from Happy Comics #32, "Daffy and Dilly" from Happy Comics #33. I've included another story from #33, the "Happy Fairy Tales, Diamonds and Pebbles," which is more the Frazetta most of us are familiar with, with human characters. To me the story looks like Cinderella meets Prince Valiant. Even the witch, Horrit (page 2, panel 7), from Prince Valiant makes a guest appearance, showing Harold Foster's influence on a young Frazetta.


Booksteve said...

Hahhahahaha! This is getting to be hilarious! I did the DAFFY & DILLY story just a couple of days ago!

AS I put it, the funny animal world lost a great artist when Frazetta discovered paintbrushes.


How nice of Prince Valiant to show up at the end there...
Very cool, hadn't seen these before, very cool!

Now, let me get this got two broads living with ya, one can turn pebbles into diamonds and rubies etc., and one turns jewels into worthless rocks...I know, let's get rid of the one making diamonds!
And, hot chick turns pebbles into diamonds? You bet I'd propose! She can provide her own wedding ring! Hotcha!! Zing!! That's a no brainer!

Loved the art and the posts!

Tamfos said...

I don't know if I'm just imagining things, but that splash panel of "Diamonds and Pebbles" calls to mind Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World" painted (and celebrated by the American public) just one year earlier. The vaguest of resemblances, I suppose, but nevertheless, I couldn't help but see it.

Jeff Overturf said...

All three rock solid! Like most of the public I was only exposed to Frazetta's sword and sorcery stuff, which I liked, but paintings of gus with swords only takes me so far (and not very far at all). Since being exposed to his comic book work and especially his funny annimal stuff I am a huge fan now.

Pappy said...

Steve, apparently there is some psychic link here, or at least some kind of synchronicity.